A letter of land encroachment allegations on Bahria Town

A letter of land encroachment allegations on Bahria Town

By  Mrs.Naila 

Respected Sir,

I would like to pen down my feelings about these  recent land encroachment allegations on Bahria Town. My husband and I are residents of BTK. We have been living an extremely peaceful life here for the past couple of years now. 

The launch of a project of this enormous magnitude was not a secret from the very beginning. It was/is a well-known and well-advertised housing scheme. General public took (and is still taking) a great deal of interest in it. Scores of buyers started investing their savings of lifetime in hopes of finding a remarkable living at a fraction of a cost (which Bahria is best known for). Overseas Pakistanis started to reinvest, resulting in a huge increase in foreign remittances. I know many families who like ourselves decided to settle back in Pakistan, knowing there’s a decent organization offering excellent housing societies in various cities.

How come no one brought up the issue of wrong doings (if there were any) when the mega project was announced? After the elapse of a few years suddenly things became illegitimate? 

 It’s unfair and unjust to cause Bahria all the trouble and bad reputation. What for? For turning a useless lot into something worthy of admiration!?!? I am sorry to say some unconcerned group of people just like to point fingers at those who ARE actually doing SOMETHING for Pakistan. They support and aid the corrupted ones, the ones who don’t take part in building the country.

If the law enforcing authorities are so worried now then what were they doing before when this inhabitable piece of land was barren and of no use? Was local government any concerned when Heroine addicts, bandits and dacoits roamed the land? 

If it wasn’t for Bahria, the situation of this land would have had remained the same for centuries. Instead of supporting BTK by offering a helping hand and a way to come to an agreement fair enough for all parties concerned, they are causing unnecessary and worrisome situation for the general public.

 Bahria Town has earned its reputation by delivering its clients the very best housing societies  at an affordable price. They are famous for constructing immaculate and well planned gated communities through out Pakistan. Bahria has this ability and resources to convert a barren piece of land into a marvel of modern architecture and design. One gets awestruck to see the kind of development work that’s been done in a very short period of time at Bahria Town Karachi. All it takes is a visit to BTK to believe it.  

It’s a shame to see them constantly struggle with negative propagandists and to fight off the hostilities thrown at them from time to time. This should come to an end once and for all. One should not forget Bahria has a long list of its genuinely loyal clients and customers on their side!

Thanking you

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