Jameel Adeeb Syed  An author of dozens of unpublished books

Jameel Adeeb Syed  An author of dozens of unpublished books

Jameel Adeeb Syed  A brilliant writer of present times  has not published a single book but has two dozen gunny bags full of about 200 unpublished books.


By Saleem Aazar


A brilliant writer of present times Jameel Adeeb Syed has not published a single book but has two dozen gunny bags full of about 200 unpublished books.

Noted Writer Jameel Adeeb Syed has a plan to publish two of his books; a collection of poetry and a collection of his Urdu short stories, but interestingly there are dozens of gunny bags that contain more than 200 handwritten manuscripts and certainly if this material is published at a time, his name can be placed on Gunnies Book of World Record.

Syed has been writing for a long time and has covered almost all forms of literature and prose. He has created poetry in terms of ‘Ghazals’, ‘poems’, ‘qita’at’ and others and also has written short stories, novelettes, critical essays on literature, art and culture and also on distinguished personalities working the field of art and culture. Besides he has written on current affairs, social and cultural issues being faced by the people of Pakistan. More interesting is his work on the life of people of different cultures. In his short stories he has chosen such characters which remained neglected for a long time after the independence. Like he has discussed the weak sections of society hailing of minorities and others living around the suburbs of the metropolitan city. In many of his stories he has disclosed startling realities behind the actions and drama of the characters. In one of his stories titled ‘Aik Raat Ka Baita’ he has discussed some real characters having different beliefs spent their lives in Bosnia and had to face great victimization and also had to live a sinful life.

In another story ‘ Deemak’ Syed has exposed the so-called values working among blood relations. He has brought to light the dreadful facts that at times make the lives most unfortunate for those who make sacrifices for maintaining a joint family culture in a class society. His stories titled ‘Shola Aur Shabnam’, ‘Awaaz Key Saaye’, ‘Christmas Ki Raat’, ‘Anthony Andha Hai’, ‘Dua’, ‘Talash’, ‘Lottery’, ‘Be Fuzool’, ‘Uss A’angan Ka Chand’, ‘Kinara’, “Roshni’ and ‘Taskeen Turrab and Taivarri’ depict miseries and hardships of life of different characters. These characters are determined to live a pious life or to fight against the biases of all sorts and ultimately they have to pay a big price for their piety and unbiased approach towards life, religion, races, languages and even cultures. These characters are determined to promote peace, love and tranquility among people. Interestingly these characters are not preachers or pleaders of any cause but by practicing these values in their actions they are distinguished from other routine characters. Jameel Adeeb Syed has exposed the contradictory deeds of the so-called champions of this society. He has also concentrated on treatment and arrangements of the characters in his stories and these stories produced a very sound impact owing to the brilliance and creative skills of Syed.

In his poetry, Syed has also coined good diction and by applying this diction in expressing his poetic feelings he had proved his skills. In most of the couplets he has tried to justify the creation of fresh diction by matching with the meaning. He has selected worthy issues and subjects for his poetry especially in poems. Syed has created good ‘Ghazals’ and very nice poems as well and in his poems one can judge a powerful message that rejected all sorts of social exploitation and pleads for the cause of love, peace and humanism.

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