Sadiq Ali Khan’s book contains letters written by personalties and organisations

Sadiq Ali Khan, former Associate Professor of Department of Library and Information Science, University of Karachi has published an interesting book that contains letters written to him either by the personalities or the organistations and institutes. The book contained merely letters and letters produces a very interesting impact as the letter themselves speaks a lot about the life, work, development and issues on science, library science, education and institutional correspondence, and the views either were of local institutions or the prestigious institutions inabroad.

Sadiq Ali Khan is author of several books on different topics especially on library science, library movement in Pakistan, the role of the library and information centre and education. He has also written several book in Urdu on the same topics including the issue of education, publication of books and process of development of library systems in Pakistan.

However his latest book deals with the letters written to him by famous personalities and the heads of different departments. Elaborating his view point to publish this books Sadiq Ali Khan says in his preface that when he decided to arrange the letters to give them shape of a book, his grandson Daniyal question whether people would read such a book that contained only letters. He replied that interested people must must read it as letters were supposed to be a kind of literature considered back-bon of it.

He argues that many collections of letter writers have been published and were preserved in the great libraries of the world. He underlines that as far as the Urdu literature is concerned, it could be seen to expressing the ideas through letters in 10th century.  Asadullah Khan Ghalib is a distrinctive personality whoe collection of letters is under the title of ‘Aud-e-Hindi” and “Urdu-e-Mualla” have been appeared, Khan notes. He also refers to the other books published by the greats that contained letters of Syed Suleman Nadvi, Allama Iqbal and Rasheed Ahmed Siddiqui.

The book published by Khurshid Nishan, 115/216, Dharkshan Society Malir Karachi is certainly is more informationand educative as it gives awareness on library science, systems and education by its letters discussing the

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