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Urdu quarterlies needs to appreciate the efforts of the editors

In present days we see a number of Urdu quarterlies being published by different literary figures and each and every quarterly needs a thorough study for writing on them and to ap preciatethe efforts of the editors. However as a noticed a very recent quarterly titled ‘Ijmaal’ it convinced me to write something on it.

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Jameel Adeeb Syed  An author of dozens of unpublished books

Jameel Adeeb Syed  An author of dozens of unpublished books Jameel Adeeb Syed  A brilliant writer of present times  has not published a single book but has two dozen gunny bags full of about 200 unpublished books.   By Saleem Aazar   A brilliant writer of present times Jameel Adeeb Syed has not published a

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Sadiq Ali Khan’s book contains letters written by personalties and organisations

Sadiq Ali Khan, former Associate Professor of Department of Library and Information Science, University of Karachi has published an interesting book that contains letters written to him either by the personalities or the organistations and institutes. The book contained merely letters and letters produces a very interesting impact as the letter themselves speaks a lot

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